Coupon Policy

  1. Coupons must be presented at time of purchase.
  2. All coupons must be clear and without alterations.
  3. Coupons must scan or be clear enought for key entry.
  4. All coupons redeemed must be for the exact product stated. For Example; size, color, flavor, etc.
  5. One vendor coupon per item or as stated on the coupon.
  6. One store coupon per item or as stated on the coupon
  7. A vendor coupon and a store coupon may be used on the same item.
  8. No expired coupons.
  9. No double or triple coupons. Coupons are redeemed for value.
  10. Redeemed coupon value cannot exceed the retail price of the product. No cash back.

Internet Coupons

  1. Coupons must scan or be clear enough for key entry.
  2. Coupons must state that it is a manufacturer/vendor coupon.
  3. It must have an address for redemption.
  4. No coupons for free product.
  5. No high value coupons relative to the price of the product. Coupon should not be more than half of the retail price or over $3.00. Exception: Any coupon which has been printed from or as offered through with a discount of not more than 75% of the retail value of the product is allowed.